The first workflow

Date : 8 Februari 2018 By Stefaan

For Bona Iqiniso, a workflow is not a sequence of events or tasks. A workflow is more like a collection of activities that logically belong together.


As you can see, the first workflow, the basic workflow only has 2 activities: Plan & Prepare.

And .... they are numbered 3 and 4, which means that Bona Iqiniso also has other activities.

To understand this we need to show you the Bona Iqiniso Epic.


The epic shows that Bona Iqiniso has 7 parts (features) that each contain a number of smaller features. The 7 main features follow a natural flow that is common to all software development. 

  • 0. Find a common ground to start a development project. Agree on context and concept, the high level design.
  • 1. Do the setup of your project
  • 2. Determine the methodology, strategy and processes to follow.
  • 3. Plan for success.
  • 4. Prepare before coding. Determine needs, requirements, design, etc.
  • 5. Code and Test.
  • 6. Regularly report on progress and results.
  • 7. Provide support and maintenance.

No matter the methodology, these are steps that always come back. Bona Iqiniso isn't different and running a test project is neither.

For Bona Iqiniso (software testing) the 7 features become:

  • 0. Find a common ground (one common language, one understanding, one goal)
  • 1. Setup. Bona Iqiniso is a generic tool and you will have to customize it to your liking.
  • 2. Strategy. You will use the Bona Iqiniso Methodology, but if for some reason you decide not to, we support any methodology.
  • 3. Test Plan. Bona Iqiniso aims to work test driven. 
  • 4. Prepare your tests 'world'.
  • 5. Execute your tests.
  • 6. Report test results.
  • 7. Support the software development team with reviews, audits and problem resolution.

If you have been part of a development team, you also know that it is normal that these features/steps are not executed in sequence. Sometimes it is necessary to go back to a previous because circumstances change. 

This is also the seem for the basic workflow in Bona Iqiniso. 

Bona Iqiniso Basic Workflow

Plan & Prepare, for Bona Iqiniso, are the activities in Software testing that (should) take most of the time.

But, planning often cannot be done without preparation. You cannot define a test scope if you don't know what your test basis (business definitions) is or what your product (application board) should be.

This is the basic workflow, because:

  1. You will spend most time on these features
  2. There is a fundamental synergie required between all components.