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We developed our own software testing methodology
Just to make sure that we cover what is important for all stakeholders
One common language, one vision, one goal. To "build the right product right"


Bona Iqiniso

The Awesome


Software testing has become more than just a way of finding bugs in product development. Its focus, more and more, goes to giving support to development teams in an attempt to prevent bugs and to build confidence in the way products are developed, as well as to build confidence the right product has been built.

These are the four pillars on which Bona Iqiniso is built.

Context (Mission)

Bona Iqiniso supports verification and validation of a product.
A product delivered in an organised way, enabling all involved stakeholders to use a common language, have a common understanding and a common goal to deliver the right product.

Concept (Vision)

Bona Iqiniso approaches building a product from different angles.
Description of the product, stakeholder alignment, product build roadmap and how to verify and validate the product once it is built.

Implementation (Goals)

Bona Iqiniso applies the 80/20 rule, meaning that we focus on the area where 80% of the errors SHOULD be found and where 'repairs' WOULD cost 20% of what it would cost if bugs were found in a productions environment.
Static Testing, Unit (Integration) Testing, Web Service Testing, API Testing.

Verification @ Validation

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Just Enough

Bona Iqiniso is NOT a complete tool. We aim to implement 20% of the functionality that we can think of, to cover 80% of the functionality frequently used in software testing.

Just In Time

Bona Iqiniso only implements functionality that is part of an end-to-end workflow. All functionality is implemented just in time to launch a workflow.


"Just in time" and "Just enough" does not mean that we will not revisit functionality and improve its content. It does mean that early releases often will not be complete.

Test Automation

All our effort is aimed to automate software testing in an affective and efficient way and to support software development teams.




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Creative Leaders

Our Creative Leaders stand for innovation in quality improvement, quality assurance and quality control.


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Stefaan Luckermans


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First workflow
to be launched

We have defined the first workflow that will be part of the launch

by Stefaan Luckermans
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First Workflow

The basic workflow

This workflow is the foundation of what we intend to do with and in Bona Iqiniso

by Stefaan Luckermans
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