The first workflow part of the launch has been defined

Date : 7 Februari 2018 By Stefaan

The first workflow to be launched will have a bit of test planning and preparation, but will not (yet) execute the defined tests.


Administer Test Plan

Creation of Test plans allowing to create tree-like structure of test plans. Each test plan is linked to an application board (product breakdown structure) and a business domain.

Administer Test Scope

One section in the test plan describes the scope of the test project. A test scope is limited to a test plan, application board and business domain. A test scope may consist of epics, capabilities, features, stories and use cases.

Administer Domains

To ensure that all stakeholders have a common language, understanding and goal we need to set boundaries. This boundary is the business domain.

Administer Terms

All software development is related to objects related to business objects. E.g. An interviewer is a participant in an interview asking questions to an interviewee. Software development can build a product that will administer interviewers, interviews and interviewees. Objects that link a business domain to a software product are 'terms' in Bona iqiniso.

Administer Facts

Terms may be related to each other, which in Bona Iqiniso we call 'facts'. Relations are always expreseed in 2 directions. E.g. A letter is part of the alphabet; The alphabet contains letters. 

Administer Business Rules 

Although, literally, business rules are dictated by business, they also help in the development of the software product. Therefore, Bona iqiniso allows to approach business rules also in a more technical way so they can be used directly. E.g. business rules are used in decision tables. 

Administer Decision Tables 

The use of decision tables is a testing technique based on the conditions in business rules and the possible outcomes of the business rules. Decision table not only help to decide on which test cases te prepare and execute, but also on the test data to use. Further more, they also help to evaluate the correctness and completeness of the business rules. 

Administer Code Fragments 

Other testing techniques may be based on the code. These are called black box testing techniques. In order to enable these techniques, Bona Iqiniso helps to adminster code (fragments). 

Administer Linear Code Sequence and Jump 

Testing technique based on code. By identifying sequences, loops, conditions, exceptions, etc. it is possible to define a number of test cases to cover, if not all, at least most of the code. 

Administer Application Boards 

An application board is a way to describe a product. An application board not only is a breakdown of the product, but also gives insight in the workflows. 

Administer Epics 

High level overvew of the product's workflow. 

Administer Capabilities 

In case the product is build by different teams, it may be wise to define capabilities belonging to those teams. 

Administer Features 

Major parts/functionalities of the product. 

Administer Stories 

Lower level descriptions of functionality. A story typically can be implemented within one sprint. 

Administer Use Cases 

Provides details on a story. A use case explains the main flow of th estory, but also alternate flows and exception flows.